What is the official language in the TRNC?
The official language in the TRNC is Turkish but English is widely spoken.

What is the time difference with UK?
North Cyprus is two hours ahead of UK GMT time.

What side of the road do you drive in North Cyprus?
You drive on the left hand side like in the UK

Is TRNC recognized elsewhere in the world?
The TRNC has an embassy in Ankara and Consulates in Mersin and Istanbul, offices of Representatives in London, Washington, New York, Brussels, Pakistan and Abu Dhabis. Honorary Representatives in Italy, Germany, Canada, South Africa and Finland. Also in TRNC there is a Turkish embassy, British High Commission and German Consulate.

How do I travel to North Cyprus?
There are no direct flights to Northern Cyprus. All flights are through mainland Turkey. You do not have to leave the plane as a general rule and remain on board for 45 minutes in one of the airports in Turkey (Antalya, Emir, Istanbul) The flight all together is approx 6 hours. You can travel to TRNC from London (Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead) Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin. There is also a big selection of ferries from Turkey, the fastest is 2 hours. The new alternative route is to travel via Larnaca in Southern Cyprus; no visa is required as Southern Cyprus is now part of the EU. You may hire a car and drive across the border purchasing insurance on the Turkish side. Once you cross the border the Turkish side will give you a three month entry visa which enables you to stay in TRNC.

Can I bring pets and personal possessions to Northern Cyprus?
There are several companies that offer this service. The price depends on the cubic meter capacity. You can bring all pets into the country. Your pets have to have a rabies injection and a UK vet certificate stating that the animal has no infectious diseases. This is then presented to the Ministry of Agriculture. The quarantine period is 28 days; you MUST look after your own pet during quarantine.

Can I drive with my UK license?
You are able to drive with a UK license for three months, after that you will need to apply for a permanent TRNC driving license.

How long can a British Citizen stay in North Cyprus?
When arriving in North Cyprus you automatically receive a three month visa. You can get an extension or if you decide to permanently settle on the island you will need to get a residency permit. We can guide you in the right direction to get one.

Are there any restrictions on buying property in Northern Cyprus for foreign persons?
Yes, there are restrictions. The land in North Cyprus is measured in donums. A foreign person can only buy 1 donum of land (1,338 square meters or approx 14,000sq feet.)

What are the main towns of North Cyprus?
Below are all the main towns with the present and pre 1974 names. Lefkosa- Nicosia, Famagusta- Gazimagusa, Girne-Kyrenia, Guzelyurt - Marphou

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