Many different civilisations have left their influence on Cyprus over thousands of years. North Cyprus is a treasure trove for anyone interested in history, a mystic land of gods and goddesses. North Cyprus is the Turkish Mediterranean with a hint of British, Greek and Arabic culture.

From Soli and Vouni in the west, to Salamis and the site of Apostolos Andreas in the east there is much to reflect 9,000 years of civilisation.

British buyers have proved more adventurous in recent years, willing to buy off-plan in Bulgaria and other east European locations. Northern Cyprus offers a more comfortable and accessible alternative to those who want a Mediterranean lifestyle at an affordable price.

Northern Cyprus is easy to get to, with scheduled flights from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast. EU passport holders may also fly to southern (Greek) Cyprus and cross the border.

Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, lies just forty miles from the southern coast of Turkey, which has become so familiar to millions of British holidaymakers. After 1974, when Turkish troops landed to quell a Greek-Cypriot coup and the island was divided, the northern side of Cyprus was shunned by the international community. All that changed in May 2004, when Greek and Turkish Cypriots voted on the Annan plan to reunite Cyprus under a new federal partnership within the EU.

Greek Cypriots overwhelmingly rejected the idea. Turkish Cypriots voted 65% in favour and were suddenly no longer international pariahs. Investment interest, which had been growing steadily, exploded. The number of foreigners, mainly Britons, buying property, increased from about 300 a year to 3,000 last year alone. But there is still plenty of room for everybody! Northern Cyprus comprises 3,355 square miles, with vast areas of empty countryside. Mountains and coastline.

Although it is recognised politically by only Turkey, northern Cyprus has a fully-functioning parliament, legal system and local administrations, the legitimacy of which have been upheld by the London High Court. There is freedom of movement between the two sides of Cyprus for all EU passport holders.

The law is based on the British model and buying property is a comparatively straightforward process. (See Buyers' Guide).

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