Historia Park 4 bedrooms
Location: Catalkoy
Bedrooms: 4
Price: 265,000

Historia Park 3 bedrooms
Location: Catalkoy
Bedrooms: 3
Price: 165,000

Location: Esentepe
Bedrooms: 2
Price: 65,000

Location: Esentepe
Bedrooms: 3
Price: 139,000
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Sevilla Construction is a family run company specialising in quality villas in and around Kyrenia, the “jewel of the Mediterranean.” Our friendly bi-lingual staff can help you with every aspect of buying a home for holidays, retirement or purely for investment in the booming market of north Cyprus.

Sevilla Construction designs and builds quality properties that combine attractiveness with care for the environment. Sevilla recognises that each customer is an individual, who wants something unique and special.

Travel writers like to boast of escaping the crowds and finding that beautiful beach where one can be alone. In North Cyprus, you can do it. Solitude is one of the blessings that have come to characterise this, the sunniest island in the Mediterranean.

Just forty miles from the southern coast of Turkey, which has become so familiar to millions of British holidaymakers, the Turkish side of Cyprus comprises the northern third of the island, and is generally agreed to possess the finest beaches, unspoilt scenery and historic landmarks.

The two main resorts Kyrenia (Girne) and Famagusta (Gazimagosa) are steeped in history, but with different characters, Kyrenia on the north coast, is the most popular, with its beautiful Venetian harbour, Crusader castle, shops and restaurants. Kyrenia retains a slightly “British” atmosphere which it has had since colonial days.

The horseshoe harbour is edged by old carob warehouses which have been turned into jolly little bars and restaurants. By the door, the day’s catch is displayed in chilled cabinets from which you may pick your fish. Wash it down with a glass of white wine or, the local speciality, aniseed-flavoured raki which runs white when ice is dropped in the glass.

Through the cobbled alleys leading up to town you will find shops selling good quality shoes, bags and jewellery and 1001 versions of the goztasi, the blue charm said to ward off the “evil eye.” In truth you shouldn’t need it. The worst that is likely to befall you in north Cyprus is a case of sunstroke, for it remains a virtually crime-free society where women, especially, feel free to walk the streets without fear.

The slopes of the Five Finger mountain range skirt the coastline and are covered with an array of wild flowers, including scores of orchids unique to the area. Nestling on a ridge above Kyrenia is the magnificent Gothic abbey of Bellapais. Here author Lawrence Durrell wrote “Bitter Lemons of Cyprus,” and warned of the dangers of spending too long under the “Tree of Idleness.”

Wherever you go, English is widely spoken and motorists drive on the left. The climate features long hot summers, mild winters and a little, predictable, rainfall. Restaurants offer everything from French cuisine to local specialities such as the famous “full kebab.” Fresh fish, salad and vegetables are plentiful and the shops feature goods from Turkey, Europe and the Middle East, as well as favourites from home.


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